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Video Credit – 420MEDIA LLC, (www.420MEDIA.us) “Nurse Talk” Host Nurse Heather Manus, RN, Katie Zinno, Patient Advocate and J.B. Creel, Chief Research Officer and Co-Founder – filmed in Los Angeles, CA at the CWCB Expo in 2016.


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Welcome –

Welcome to the Cannalogix Foundation!  Please take a moment to get to know Cannalogix Foundation again, as some things have changed post passage of Measure 91 and the forced re-organization due to legislative bills and subsequent amendments.


On this site, you will find a variety of patient advocacy and informational resources to support and enhance one’s journey into phyto-cannabinoid therapeutics and all-natural quality of life empowerment using cannabis in its many forms. Unfortunately, due to current legislation implemented post Measure 91 in regards to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP), Cannalogix Foundation is no longer providing consultations on cultivation facilities, nor are we providing cultivation referrals and/or support services to our members and/or patients that involve provision. We are strictly a research, development and think tank due to the required re-structuring and it is with the heaviest of hearts that we can no longer provide for the patients under the current model and remain active as a non-profit 501(c)3 public charity under the current legislative challenges.


About –

The Cannalogix Foundation was originally a spin off created by various Board Members of the Stormy Ray Cardholders’ Foundation (SRCF). The SRCF is one of the oldest non-profit “medical only” cannabis advocacy, education, research and development organizations in the country – still established under the same charter founded in 1995 and recognized by the U.S. Government as a public charity institution in 1997.  Since inception the foundation has never wavered in their duties from protecting the patients a medical cannabis advocacy, education, research institute.  SRCF is an Oregon based 501(c)3 Public Charity that was originally founded by Stormy Ray (C0-Petitioner of 1998’s Measure 67) to serve the public by creating the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act (OMMA – Measure 67 in 1998) – which later became the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP).  Since our creation, we have remained a brain-trust of innovators and visionaries led by Stormy Ray focusing on patient wellness, safe  access, medical and public education and patient outreach – always viewing patient wellness as our bottom line. SRCF and Cannalogix Foundation have been vigilant, proactive and instrumental in implementing responsible laws t0 g0vern the OMMP as well as consulting with other states’ advocates, leaders and lawmakers to vehemently protect patients’ rights when others attempt to tread on them – because patients and their rights matter – always have and always will.


Mission –

The Cannalogix Foundation was created with a specific goal in mind – to build a think-tank capable of implementing patient centric programs to empower the clinical and in-patient therapeutic use of cannabis as a complimentary and/or alternative medicine to enhance patient wellness.  While the goal is patient wellness, the research areas are vast and cover an entire spectrum of cannabis related factors including but not limited to; cultivation, environmental, plant nutrition, volatile and non-volatile processing, agr0nomics, economics, legal, legislative, administrative policy, educational systems, and other related factors that contribute to patient wellness, access, and affordability. Covering, documenting, and studying all of the factors simultaneously allows the foundation to research, develop, and predict various trends and needs for supplemental programs to; fill potential gaps; improve patient services and safe access; implement relevant programs that serve our communities by educating those that make decisions that affect our lives professionally.


The Stormy Ray Cardholders’ Foundation, through its research and development division Cannalogix Foundation, is working to develop; data driven solutions for clinical deployment and product development of phyto-pharmaceuticals using cannabis; develop custom preparations and delivery devices and solutions designed around a patients ability, mobility, and specific needs based on condition, ailment, disease, and/or cancer; research and development of cutting edge cultivation and processing technologies that eliminate the potential for contamination or toxicity; and research, development and implementation of clinical and in-patient care solutions that allow cannabis as a complimentary or alternative option for care. To see just how much the SRCF puts toward the Cannalogix Foundation and the development and support of community programs click here.


We call it, “Cannalogically developing Cannalogical solutions for Cannalogical patients because after all, it’s Cannalogix”.


How to help financially –

Please consider enrolling in a membership subscription, where you can boost the foundations efforts all the way around, or maybe even sponsor a patient in need, or if thats not your thing, please consider a one time donation in any amount that you choose by clicking here.


Transparency in fund usage –

The Foundation is aggressively rebuilding its community support programs and legislative action committees to maintain the patient voice at the State Capitol and implement responsible laws to provide a more affordable option for the less fortunate patients in our community when it comes to obtaining medical cannabis. For full list of where all of our money goes – click here.


Future projects currently in development under the Cannalogix Foundation Division –

  • Clinical and In-Patient Programs where cannabis is used as an alternative or complimentary therapeutic option in healthcare.
  • ISO – 17025 Certified/ASTM standardized/FDA cGMP Certification (Good Manufacturing Practices) Laboratory for Analytics that will test for more than the average 10 phyto-cannabinoids and terpene/terpenoid profiles because the other 100+ phyto-cannabinoids have .
  • ISO – 17025 Certified/ASTM standardized/FDA cGMP Certification (Good Manufacturing Practices) Laboratory for Processing.
  • OHA and/or OLCC Licensed Genetics Facility to provide genetics to patients/personal users through licensed retail channels.
  • Regional Rehabilitation In-patient Facilities providing cannabis based therapy to drug and alcohol addicts under supervision.
  • Accredited Cannabis Research and Academic Educational Institute in Oregon that will align with Universities and other research institutes for the express purpose of advancing cannabis research and education in the academic, scientific and medical fields.
  • Mutual Office in Washington D.C. with the Stormy Ray Cardholders’ Foundation as the analytic resource arm for the express purpose of maintaining a voice for the patient at our Nation’s Capitol, because the industry is not necessarily advocating for patients rights anymore as much as they are advocating for industry rights, and without the patients, there would be no industry – its our job to remind the lawmakers of that.
  • Offices in other states to represent patients where patients have little voice in their state medical cannabis policy making due to an influx of industry organizations advocating profits over patients and patients rights to affordable access continue to be denied or overlooked in an effort to “establish and industry” – without patients, there would be no industry.
  • Fundraisers to support Cannalogix Foundation’s Disease, Ailment, Condition, and Cancer (DACC) specific research studies using cannabis and verified phyto-cannabinoid preparations to measure efficacy in delivery, on-set, and timed release among other contributing factors and variables.
  • Fundraisers to support legislative and congressional action committees to approach lawmakers to sponsor patient centric bills.

How to help with your time –

The Foundation needs help, not just financially, so donating your most precious resource of time is very appreciated. Please click here to contact our General Duty Volunteer Coordination Unit to volunteer your time for patient outreach events, fundraising, and other programs that require help from time to time. If you are a student and looking for an internship for credit towards a class, please contact us here.


Current Volunteer and Call-to-Action Opportunities –

Legislative Committee –

The Stormy Ray Cardholders’ Foundation and Cannalogix Foundation plan to collaborate, develop, and submit multiple bills for legislative sponsorship and support in coming legislative sessions starting in 2018 to further implement responsible legislation to improve patient access and care for those who are unable to provide for themselves either physically, or financially. We are building the committees now and would love to hear input on what patients feel they need the most by emailing us here.


If you have experience in legislative and congressional bills, amendments, or policy changes, AND are an attorney, registered lobbyist, political strategist, industry representative or lawmaker and want to take part in a round-table discussion to address patient centric issues and potential changes that can be done and still remain compliant with all federal regulations click here to contact our Legislative Committee Chair to potentially join the discussion.


If you are a patient and want to help with legislative and policy action – over the coming legislative sessions of 2018 and beyond, we will need patients and caregivers to submit clearly written testimony in support of patient centric bills and also call their local State Representatives, Senators as well as the Governor’s Patient Advocacy Office to voice support the bills and their changes in the name of patients and safe, affordable access. To be added to the email list for Patient’s Call-to-Action click here.


If you are mobile, capable, and available to volunteer as a Patient Outreach Call-to-Action Coordinator please click here!


Genetic Preservation –

The Foundation plans to restore an affordable option for genetics so patients can get access to the right strains at affordable prices for their home grows and maintain a seed bank of truly medicinal strains before the industry weeds out the lower producing cultivars regardless of their medicinal benefit. If you have verified genetics in seed, clone, or tissue culture that you would like to submit to the Genetic Preservation Project click here we never share genetics with outside sources or seed banks.


If you are mobile, knowledgeable, and capable to volunteer as a Genetics Collector/Collection Coordinator please click here!


Fundraising Committees – (Paid and Non-Paid Positions – Inquire about individual positions.)

The Foundation is organizing a series of fundraising committees to tackle a series of projects and community service programs for patients in the communities we serve. We are in search of experienced, motivated, qualified, and self sufficient; grant writers, philanthropic connectors, tele-marketers, B2B representatives and ambassadors capable of representing the foundation in contacting and soliciting angel donors for upcoming social, agronomical and economical projects. To apply for a position on a fundraising committee or as a representative of the foundation, click here.


Current and Upcoming Fundraising Campaigns and Committees Enrolling Volunteers –

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome – ZebraReleaf Campaign for funding foundation EDS research to help those suffering from EDS.

Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension– IHReleaf Campaign for funding foundation IIH research to help those suffering from IIH.

Leukodystrophy (Multiple Types) – LeukoReleaf Campaign for funding foundation Leukodystrophy and Endo-Cannabinoid System regulation and stimulation of neural activity, neurogenesis, and lesion/myelin degeneration control.

Mitochondrial Diseases (such as but not limited to Leigh’s Disease)  – MitoReleaf Campaign to research Mitochondrial Related diseases since so little data exists in how the Endo-Cannabinoid System stimulates or regulates Energy on a Cellular level.

Febrile Injection-Related Epilepsy Syndrome F.I.R.E.S.  – F.I.R.E.S.Releaf Campaign to research F.I.R.E.S. since so little research exists and the need for these patients and their families is greater than the available resources for cannabis research funds.

Chiari Malf0rmation – ChiariReleaf Campaign for funding foundation Chiari research to help those suffering from Chiari Malformation and all of the related symptoms since so little research and resources for research exist for cannabis research.

Multiple Sclerosis – MSReleaf Campaign for furthering research into reports of cannabis closing lesions in brains and to further develop products and protocol to further stimulate the generation on myelin sheath.

Multiple Cancers – CancerReleaf Campaign for furthering research into the effects of phyto-cannabinoids in inducing apoptosis (cell death) in various forms of cancer (hormonal and non-hormonal) related diseases.

Community Processing Laboratory – To set up and implement a licensed and approved laboratory and commercial kitchen where patients can come and process their medicine at affordable prices in a safe, responsible, regulated environment.

Community Analytic Laboratory – To set up and implement a licensed, accredited, and standardized laboratory that is capable of providing legitimate verified testing of more than the average 10+/- phyto-cannabinoids and their associated phyto-chemicals, terpenes/terpenoids and content, while providing these services at a price patients can afford to verify personal product purity.

Community Genetics Preservation Bank – To set up and implement a licensed, certified, and secure genetics facility to adequately store and preserve seeds, clones, and tissue cultures for future use and deployment in the medical and nutritional fields. genetics will include but not be limited to; cannabis sativa (industrial hemp and high THC cultivars), hops, food crops, and other herbaceous plants from the Cannabaceae that prove to be essential to health.



Donations from businesses, patients, their families, booster and supporting members are the only way the foundation survives since many “industry” providers have migrated away to support industry organizations that represent the cultivators, producers, processors, and retailers while leaving patients mostly out of the picture. The only way to change the evolving model from profits over patients – back to patients over profits is to attack it legislatively and holistically through grass roots awareness campaigns.

Your donations help fund those activities as well as our research and development programs.



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