In 1999, the Stormy Ray Cardholders Foundation commissioned Cannalogix: Foundation Research Institute to research, develop and disruptively innovate technologies and protocols related to the production and distribution of cannabis, hemp and indoor garden supplies.   Starting with indoor hydroponics, plant genetics, oil extraction, refinement, purification, isolation and manufacturing; Cannalogix has been leading the logical path in cannabis innovation for more than two decades, putting patients, quality and consumer safety first.

We Are

Cannalogix Foundation Research Institute (CFRI) and tenured Cannalogix Research Fellows have been collectively, and actively researching medical cannabis and hemp for the last 20 years.  Since its establishment, CFRI has been a leading resource for students, academics and medical professionals alike, leading the logical path for a better tomorrow.

Agricultural/Horticultural consulting

CFRI provides a broad spectrum of specialized services to farmers, agricultural processors and cooperatives serving the legal cannabis and hemp spaces.

Quality Control & Assurance

CFRI provides a variety of quality control, quality assurance and compliance audit/management services to farmers, laboratories and vertically integrated supply chain distribution networks.

Laboratory Design & Development

CFRI provides a broad spectrum of services from project design to process implementation and every aspect in between. Guaranteed results.

research, Development, Innovation

CFRI researchers practice in a variety of fields ranging from agronomics to phytopharmacology and socioeconomics to cultural influence, all for the sake of science, the people, the planet and the plant.

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of Partners

CFRI strategically partners with organizations, institutions and researchers who seek to advance science, education and socioeconomic equality.

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