DNA Kits

Will Cannabis work for my condition?      

       Will there be any side effects from using Cannabis?

              What will it do for my neurological and cognitive abilities?


All great questions that can be answered by an personalized Cannabis Genetic Kit!

Cannalogix Foundation is the first Medical Cannabis Research Institute in the United States to offer the first-of-its-kind Cannabis Genetic Kit to members and consumers specifically looking to determine one’s predisposition to several long-term health effects of Cannabis.  The Anantlife test is based on analysis of a multitude of genes to determine how your genes can influence the impact of cannabis on your long-term health. Using the individual’s genetic code, Anantlife carries out extensive assessments to look at the individual’s predisposition to cannabis dependence, cannabis induced cognitive defects, cardiovascular issues as well as eating disorders. The genetic information along with an individual’s history is used by an algorithm to define an individual’s risk as average, moderate or high.


Cannalogix Foundation members (new and old) have full access to  DNA Genetic Kits through their member services page, each kit capable of revealing answers that can provide one necessary data to make informed decisions about one’s mental, physical, and long-term health benefits or risks with cannabis.  Regardless if you’re here seeking answers to your Ethnicity, or looking to unlock answers about a suspected brain or autoimmunity disorder, Anantlife’s DNA Genetic Kits provide accurate, comprehensive, and convenient solutions.  These kits provide you with information that can better help you control your long term health and make better decisions towards leading a healthier life.

Cannalogix members and affiliates have unbridled access to the full line of DNA tests from including;


Cannabis Risk Assessment DNA Genetic Kit


African-American Community DNA Genetic Kit

East Asian Community DNA Genetic Kit

Mediterranean Origins DNA Genetic Kit

Middle Eastern Community DNA Genetic Kit

Jewish Community DNA Genetic Kits

South Asian Community DNA Genetic Kit


Breast and Ovarian Cancer DNA Genetic Kit

Colorectal Cancer DNA Genetic Kit

Prostate Cancer DNA Genetic Kit


Brain Disorder DNA Genetic Kit


Autoimmunity Disease DNA Genetic Kit


To purchase a DNA test from Cannalogix today, please click on the kit above and it will take you to our third-party e-commerce partner’s site  to complete your transaction. Thank you for your contribution to science and we look forward to sequencing your genomes! 🙂


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