Earmarked Donations

This page is for donating to earmarked causes (e.g. legislative action, public education or specific patients by indicating name – needs like  “John Doe – needs”) serving those on one or more of Cannalogix’s various programs, collaborations and or cooperative operations.

Funds donated through this portal are exempt from the typical deductions and distributions typically associated with general expenses and overhead. No less than 85 cents of every dollar goes directly to the cause in which the donation is earmarked.


Donations made on this page are subject to the same terms and conditions related to typical donations to Cannalogix Foundation and or the Stormy Ray Cardholders’ Foundation, the only difference is what the funds are used for.

Cannalogix Foundation thanks you for your contribution.


To make an earmarked donation, click here to be taken to our third party aggregator (JBCGSI) to complete your transaction. Thank you for helping us facilitate change on behalf of humanity.



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