Thank you for considering the Cannalogix Foundation for your needs. Cannalogix Foundation was originally a spin-off of the Stormy Ray Cardholders’ Foundation dedicated to patient advocacy, research, development, and scientific/technological advancement on behalf of the patients who could not afford the newly developing system of for-profit dispensaries/growers. Cannalogix entered the market in 2014 to beta test a model of strain to pain, strain to ailment matching of cannabis to the patient with individualized care. This technology was a culmination of over 15 years of research conducted by the many co-founders and was specifically organized and managed to care for the upwards of 50,000 patients living on the edge of or below poverty with zero excess cash. Today, Cannalogix Foundation Research Institute continues to research, develop, license, and implement cutting edge technology that serves the patients.


Current Services:
Cannalogix – R.I.D.I.T. Services

Cannalogix – R.I.D.I.T. team is a professional group of researchers including but not limited to; physicians, scientists, researchers, investigators, analysts, experts and patient advocates that provide a list of services to the medical cannabis community (patients, caregivers & physicians). Cannalogix – R.I.D.I.T. specializes in research, investigation, dissemination, intervention, and tracking. Cannalogix – R.I.D.I.T. services include but are not limited to; investigations, case reviews, sample collection, evidence organization and analysis, and expanded case reviews. Using cutting edge tools, Cannalogix – R.I.D.I.T. can truly make a positive impact when others fail to meet the grade – what would you expect from one of the oldest organized groups of medical cannabis researchers? To learn more about the R.I.D.I.T. team, please visit https//



Cannalogix Patients Surpassing Profits Platform

Cannalogix Foundation’s Patients Surpassing Profits Platform ( is the first for-patients, by-patients crowd-funding site dedicated to the medical cannabis patient, medical cannabis organization, and/or medical cannabis cause. As long as you, your cause, and your jurisdiction are legal (and can prove it), the site will host your fundraising campaign.

While big crowd-funding platforms are confiscating and returning donations related to medical cannabis,  the banking regulations have paved the way for third party providers to flat out refuse to work with legal cannabis businesses and organizations regardless of legal status. The financial institutions that do, insist on overcharging the cannabis industry due to “risks” associated with the current administration.


PSP.CANNALOGIX.ORG has created a cost plus platform to serve the populous while protecting the organization by enforcing compliance and reporting standards keeping in line with local laws and corporate policy. We do not support illegal activity and will vehemently enforce policy preventing bad-actors from taking advantage of a system implemented to serve sick, disabled and indigent children and adults. The foundation has assigned a team of attorneys, advocates, and coordinators to oversee the PSP.CANNALOGIX.ORG division to ensure compliance while providing patients a much needed platform to raise funds for their excessive medical cannabis care and associated costs. PSP.CANNALOGIX.ORG was created for patients, by patients and the SRCF – Cannalogix Brain-Trust.

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